Monday, August 9, 2010

CvS2 Nationals

It's been a while since I've updated.

CvS2 nationals were last month. I didn't really decide on going until really late, so I didn't have a 3on3 team until the day of the singles tourney. The week before, I asked Yane if I could team with him and GAO, but Maeda wanted to team with them too, so we had a play off for it and I lost 0-6.

Anyway, singles was pretty bad for me. I drew Uma in the first round and obviously lost. But, so did everyone else that played Uma in tourney that weekend, so I don't feel bad. It was double elimination though, so in losers I won 3 times, including beating Code (revenge for that Ibaraki VIP tourney!), before losing to Sakamoto.

3on3 I didn't expect much. I was teaming with Kodama (K-Balrog, Blanka, Bison?) and Izumi (S-Beni, Sagat, Cammy?). I honestly don't remember much about the tourney. I basically just wanted to play in casuals that weekend anyway. CvS2 is now like a cult game - only the regulars play... so in Tokyo it gets kinda boring. It's only at big tournaments that I get to play new people anymore, and I got to play a lot there. I even got some wins with my C-Groove team (Blanka, Gief, Yama). Anyway, fun times.

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  1. Glad to see you posting back here, maybe you should let people on SRK know? Anyway, I was surprised to see Sakamoto get 5th in singles with his crazy k-akuma, geese, morrigan team. Did he just get a lot better?

    Depressing to see the singles tourney only draw 39 people though, and depressing to read your third paragraph in this post. Has the Japanese cvs2 scene faded that much in the past year (almost 70 people entered last year's nationals)? Why are only the regulars playing? Is everybody else playing SF4?

    Also, why do you say playing cvs2 in Tokyo is getting boring? I'm not trying to put you on blast, but I'm just curious why a) seeing new players matters in terms of having fun (variety?) and b)why playing the same players all the time gets boring, when those players are really good.