Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Capcom Olympics 1/9/10

Last weekend was the Capcom Olympics at a-cho in Kyoto, followed by another CvS tourney at Ibaraki VIP in Osaka. I decided to head down the night before to scope out the place, but no one else was there. I crashed in a manga cafe and headed over in the morning. Tsugunosuke was there playing RF, and Tsuji and some other Gifu player was there (K-Rock, Nako, Geese?). I got some wins and also lost a bit, but I felt good. When the brackets were set, I felt even better. I got a bye for the first round, and in the second round I had to face Dari. I barely beat him in the team tourney at the Tsuji-cup last year, but now I had Yamazaki on my team. We played on the main cabinet, so there's a slight chance that the match was recorded. My Yamazaki ROMPED. I took out Geese and Rugal with Yamazaki, and wanted the OCV so bad that I used my meter against Sagat going for the jumping roundhouses CC. He blocked it and I eventually lost the round. My Bison came in, and I basically just wanted to build meter with him. I have a lot of confidence in my Blanka recently, so I didn't care too much about losing Bison. It turns out, that's exactly what happened, only sooner than I'd have liked. The last round was pretty close I think. If I remember correctly, I won with an airguard-break CC.
Next up was RF. He's using Team Ricky now, but he also didn't know what to do against Yama. I think I got through one and a half characters with Yama, and eventually won. I don't remember too much about the details, only that he missed a CC with Sak against my Blanka, and I got the hell out of there. Beating him put me in the top 8.
The top 8 bracket was determined by drawing cards. I accidentally took two and put one back. The card I kept was #1, which meant I had to put my name on the bracket first, but I could put it anywhere. What that meant was, I could decide WHEN I was going to play, but not my opponent. I decided to get it over with quickly (I hate waiting) and put myself in the first slot. #2 to decide was YSK, the only other A-Groove player in the top 8, and he uses Sakura-ARE. He demolished me in casuals, so he decided to put himself against me. When it came time to play, I won the rock-paper-scissors for the 2P side. My Yama did decent but not great. But I built meter for Bison. I think I connected an anti-air CC against his Sakura to take her out, leaving me with no meter against his Blanka (I think). Anyway, it was a pretty close match. He won with a walk-up-activate on me, so my tournament ended in a 4-way tie for 5th. Yane played Chari next and won. Tsugu played Daidouraku and lost (the official story is that he couldn't get his mind off of the cute maid at the cafe in the arcade...while she WAS hot, the real story is he finally got worked by somebody else's Chun). Deshigitsune beat Sacchansan in the other first round match. Yane then got worked by YSK, Daichan beat Kitsune, Yane beat Kitsune, and YSK beat Daichan.

1. YSK (A-Sak/Blanka/Bison)
2. Daidouraku (N-Akuma/Rolento/Chun)
3. Yane (K-Geese/Blanka/Sagat)
4. Deshigitsune (K-Chun/Hibiki/Sagat)
5. Me (A-Yama/Blanka/Bison), Tsugunosuke (N-Iori/Chun/Sagat), Chari (C-Honda/Vice/Sagat), Sacchansan (K-Cammy/Blanka/Sagat)

After the tourney I played Yama-Gief-Blanka in casuals and got 17 wins. Go figure. All in all, it was a good day.

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