Sunday, January 24, 2010

Shibuya Ranbat

First tourney in Shibuya for me in the new year. I did the same as my last tourney - 4th. First round, I had no problems with Nobita. 2nd round, I got Matsuura - a good C-Ryu/Iori/Rolento player. I beat him, then lost to Bas. His Hibiki did really well against my Yamazaki, as well as my Bison. I decided to stick with my usual order against him, because I thought my Yamazaki would do better than it did. Unfortunately, I got peaced out. You only were eligible to go to the loser's bracket if you lost in the first two rounds, so that was the end of my tourney. The last tourney I lost to GAO right before I would have made the top 3. Oh well. End results were

1. Tsugunosuke
2. Bas
3. Sakamoto

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