Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tsudanuma Ace

Was working in Chiba yesterday and went to Tsudanuma Ace after work. One K-Sagat/Cammy/Hibiki gave me problems after he switched to an R2 Hibiki to match up against my Blanka. After failing to win with my usual order, I switched to Blanka first and R2 Bison last. I may have to do that in a tournament, as much as I hate to do that in casuals (switching ratios for one person means keeping that team make-up until you lose). After I won with that order he stopped playing, so I switched machines and got a win streak against almost nothing but P-Groove. It's so funny when people taunt when they think they're going to win, and you come back and kill them. I made so many comebacks, it's not even funny...

Actually, it was pretty funny, for me! Among the ways I came back were:

Yama vs. Cammy, I drop her in a CC, so I stand right beside her and counter right before she wakes up. She obviously did a cannon spike, which I countered and I combo it into c.fierce rolls to the corner.

Blanka vs. Rock, I was down to about 2000 vital or so when the round began against a full-life Rock. I get some random electricities to work him down a bit, then do a drop-thru CC. Somehow or other I mess up the CC, but I hop in and RC electricity for a ghetto reset and get the win.

K-Cammy jumps in on my Blanka. I s.jab to get her to JD. I mean to RC fierce ball to counter her post-JD attack, but I get an accidental slide for the win.

Against some P-Groove character, we're sitting there for a bit, both down to pixels, and I walk up to throw, but instead of a throw I get s.fierce for the win.

It's better to be lucky than good!

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