Thursday, January 7, 2010


After some moderate success at a few of the Shibuya ranbats, I decided to go traveling to test him out. On Thursdays I try to play at Daytona in Warabi. The competition level is low, but it lets me try things out and get good practice. Tsudanuma Ace is a lot more skilled, and I can get good experience against P-Groove and Morrigans. Ekoda is close to home, but it's always the same 2 or 3 people there. For New Year's Eve, I went with Bas up to Nagano to play people there. Everyone says it was easier to beat me when I used Gief. I got a few OCV's with Yama, as well as some good experience against Yama (albeit K). Tao-chan, the best Gief in Japan, also recently dropped Gief for Kim. He can use basically anybody though. His Bison is a lot better than mine - I realized I need to use c.fierce and c.strong as pokes more. It was a lot of fun playing everyone there. I'll probably head over there again next winter (I love areas with snow!).

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